DairyMax Alfalfa and Alfalfa Grass


Example Growth Program

The following is a sample program designed specifically for alfalfa & alfalfa grass. All of CanGrow's nutrient programs are customizable based on your management style and field conditions, so contact your local rep today, increase dairy production on your farm, and discover the CanGrow Advantage for yourself.


Hopper Box Treatment

Seed Coat dry seed hopper box treatment. A bio stimulant blend of vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients formulated to enhance microbial activity in the soil surrounding the seed. Healthy microbes are critical for good root development and emergence. Direct seeding is recommended.

Weed Control Foliar

Perc N Phos (US - PercPlus) with herbicide to mitigate the herbicide stress, especially if using a phenoxy, and quickly take down large perennial weeds.


Relief BF, Sugar Mover and Boron

Treat as Established Alfalfa from here on.


Established Alfalfa

Spring Green Up

nitroKmag Nitro Mag  Strip Band or Stream to give 20 lbs/acre nitrogen (depending upon later manure to feed the grass until Nitrogen from manure and soil become available.

Stubble Spray

Relief BF, Sugar Mover, and CropKarb within 3-4 days of each cutting to dramatically increase number of shoots per crown and energize the root system for the next cutting.


NutrileaseRC (US - Soil Solution), Perc N Phos (US - PercPlus), Sugar Mover, with Zinc after last cut to mitigate fall wet and winter stress and to set up next year’s first cutting. NutrileaseRC, a soil biology activator, improves both soil health and nutrient transfer to roots.
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