Example Growth Program

The following is a sample program designed specifically for beans. All of CanGrow's nutrient programs are customizable based on your management style and field conditions, so contact your local rep today, and discover the CanGrow Advantage for yourself.

Program Steps:

Hopper Box Treatment

Seed Coat dry seed hopper box treatment. A bio stimulant blend of vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients formulated to enhance microbial activity in the soil surrounding the seed. Healthy microbes are critical for good root development and emergence.

In Furrow

CAN, low pH, NPS lowers the pH in the zone around the seed for maximum availability of soil nutrients. Formulated with a complete micronutrient package, Bio-Forge, PercPlus and rooting hormones.

Foliar Early

Apply PercPlus and Boron Plus for increased plant energy, nutrient movement and preparation for reproductive stage. Can be combined with most pesticide applications.

Sidedress (before flowering)

nitroKmag Nitro Mag formulations provide not only plant friendly ammonium and amine nitrogen, but also combines potash (K) critical for making sugars and finishing kernel fill with magnesium (Mg), a building block for photosynthesis and key in moving sugars to seed.

Foliar mid (early flowering)

Relief BF with Boron Plus and Calcium Plus for a micronutrient boost along with bio stimulant activity for energy through early reproduction. Improves flower and pod production and retention.

Foliar late

Include CropKarb and Magnesium Plus for seed bulking and finishing. Apply with fungicide and insecticide if necessary. May be done twice.


Include PercPlus with dessicant to speed tissue die back.