Potato Crop Treatment


The CanGrow Advantage provides a comprehensive nutrient program that promotes potato crop growth that is not only high yielding, but of superior quality. We have a proven system for producing premium storage potatoes for both the table and chip markets.

Example Growth Program

The following is a sample program designed specifically for potatoes. All of CanGrow's nutrient programs are customizable based on your management style and field conditions. Contact your local rep today, and discover the CanGrow Advantage for yourself.

Program Steps:

Step 1: Prepare and Protect Seed

Use CanGrow Super Sta-Dry to dry your seed, keep planter cups dry and provide added protection to keep plant vigour when it’s most needed. Super Sta-Dry contains calcium enhanced with amino acids and enzymes for early seed piece growth and natural agents which promote drying and corking over.


Step 2: In-Furrow Early Root Growth Treatment

Next apply PowerStart, with micros in-furrow with seed pieces. Power Start is a phosphate activator that enhances plant vigour. It ramps up plant metabolism and boosts root development, tuber initiation and retention. Best of all PowerStart reduces application rates through better placement and more efficient conversion of phosphates for your potato crop.



Step 3: Root Enhancement and Disease Protection

Spray UpStart into the cover soil at planting. Upstart provides early calcium to aid in prevention of early root diseases and flocculate sodium out of the tuber zone. It’s 400 times more soluble than gypsum. UpStart includes controlled release amine nitrogen, the form that encourages root growth instead of lush vegetative growth found with other N sources. It increases ammonium, potassium and phosphorous uptake.

UpStart is also applied as a hiller amendment to provide additional nutrient placement, improve soil structure in the tuber zone and increase soil biological activity.


Step 4: Continued Plant Growth Control

Apply PivotPower with boron and zinc through the pivot 1, 2 or 3 times a season. PivotPower is designed to control plant growth through nutrition. It mitigates early die symptoms and continues sodium flocculation.


Step 5: Feed and Enhance Crop Performance

Left: Potatos with CropKarb, Right: Control

Left: Potatos with CropKarb, Right: Control

CropKarb, is a combination of nutrients using “next generation” technology, designed to enhance root activity while improving fruit sizing and bulking in your potato crop.

CropKarb works by delivering active catalyst chemistry with a supplemental mobile carbon source to the fruiting portion of your crop. Includes boron to help set and hold more of the youngest fruit and potassium to improve fruit sizing and bulking.


Check out our Super Sta-Dry product.

Grower Observations

In 2004, 2005, an 2006 we tried just about anything ... a lot of reaction situations and we were losing bins every year. Foliar sprays were helping, but often too little, too late. Last year we applied 20L/acre PowerStart and cut back our N by 40 lbs/acre.We applied three 20 L/acre irrigation applications of Pivot Power. We had a Frito Day with all the growers and they commented on the fact that the fields were too healthy.

We had to kill the potatoes in the middle of August; they were way too green.

Next year we’re using the same program, but are going to cut our N by another 40 pounds.