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How many acres does it take to feed your cows? DairyMax products will help you feed more cows on fewer acres.

Maximize milk production and profitability with the DairyMax program from CanGrow. We can help lower your production costs per litre by improving fibre digestibility. We also lower cost per tonne by increasing tons per acre.

Application of AlfaMax foliar spray over a 12 year period increased production by 1.01 tonnes/acre, with nearly 990 more litres of milk/acre on average.

Scientifically proven

DairyMax's scientifically proven formula can help to maximize milk production and lower your costs per litre by:

    • Increase fibre digestibility up to 17%
    • Lower milk production cost per litre
    • Increase silage tonnes per acre


  • Apply on stubble after each cutting.
  • Can be applied with herbicides or insecticides.


  • Stronger roots and crown.
  • Activation of dormant buds.
  • An increase number of stems per crown.
  • More side branches and more trifoliates.
  • Earlier maturity.
  • Improved fibre digestibility.
  • Extended stand longevity.

Maximize milk production results

12 Year Average Alfalfa Trials1

Control DM (tons)


AlfaMax DM (tons)




Milk L/acre control


Milk L/acre AlfaMax


Change milk/acre



12 Year Average at 12% Moisture1





Tons change


Net $ return hay/acre



12 Year Milk L/acre1





Litre change


Net $ return/ac milk



Growth Program

Need a better picture? View our example growth program for alfalfa.


Realize the advantage of lower production costs per litre and maximize your dairy milk production with DairyMax. Find your local Rep – and join the growing list of CanGrow success stories.

  1. Net return based on $264/ton hay and $0.75/litre milk

DairyMax Alfalfa program is best when used continually, to consistently build the plants’ root system, immune system, and the vegetative parts of the plants.

For a farmer this means:

    1. We begin with Green Up in the spring to stimulate the chemical and biological interactions that occur between the plant and the soil. This improves the cation
      exchange; the plants’ ability to take in nutrients. This in turn increases tonnage but more importantly, digestibility! We are getting the roots off to a good start, stimulating root expansion. Creating more chemical and biological interaction and in a good alfalfa or grass field improving the ecosystem across the entire field.


    1. AlfaMax is designed to continue this effect between each cutting. A major effect of this is the antioxidant impact. Just think about this plant - it is growing and happy and one day something cuts off all the above ground growth, stripping its ability to make food. After this shock the only thing left is the energy stored in its roots and crown. So the hormone flow switches and causes regrowth to occur. This is a major stress on the plant so antioxidants have a major effect at this time. We also are loading micro and macro nutrients that support the hormone flow.As the plant recovers, these nutrients help to stimulate dormant buds on the crown, giving a yield increase. Next the foliage provides energy back to the root system causing more root expansion, which helps the plant recover from the next cutting stress more quickly.


  1. Putting it to bed. After our last cutting of the year, and as close to killing frost as possible, we apply a dormancy spray. The objective is to direct sugars to the root system and crown for storage and to give the soil microbiology a good feeding before they go dormant. Any unused sugars at this time, or anytime throughout the year, are returned to the soil as cations.A farmer can step into this system at any time and have success, but this success builds on itself. Maintaining continued applications give the best results both in the field and in the barn.

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