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Assisting the farming community in its pursuit of improved yields and quality is a privilege CanGrow doesn’t take lightly. Our DairyMax program for corn continues to help farmers maximize milk production per acre by improving plant health, vigour, tonnage and fibre digestibility, resulting in higher profits per litre.

Scientifically proven

DairyMax's scientifically proven formula can help to maximize milk production and lower your costs per litre by:

    • Increase milk production up to 20% per tonne of forage
    • Increase fibre digestibility up to 14%
    • Lower milk production cost per litre
    • Increase silage tonnes per acre


  • Begin with a strong starter fertilizer program including CAN, UpStart or PowerStart.
  • Apply SilageMax as foliar, with or without herbicide.


  • Achieve root bursts in young plants and again with each application of DairyMax products.
  • Decrease incidence of leaf diseases.
  • Improve use of nutrients by plants.
  • Feed more cows on fewer acres per cow.

Maximize milk production results

Multi Year Feed Analyses1

30 hr dNDF Control


30 hr dNDF SilageMax


30 hr dNDF improvement



7.81 lb



6 Year Average Corn Silage Trials3

Crop size (tons)


Increase tons/acre


Increase lbs. milk/ton


Increase lbs. milk/acre


Gross return milk/acre



Growth Program

Need a better picture? View our example growth program for silage corn.


Realize the advantage of lower production costs per litre and maximize your dairy milk production with DairyMax. Find your local Rep – and join the growing list of CanGrow success stories.

  1. Internal data.
  2. Oba and Allen 2005 shows one % unit of dNDF is equal to .55 lb milk per cow per day
  3. Homestead Nutrition Inc, PA
  4. Silage price $45.00/T, Milk price $18.00/cwt

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