AlfaMax for Alfalfa

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Maximize milk production and profitability with AlfaMax. Using AlfaMax, you can reduce your overhead to feed your cows to as little as 1.4 acres per cow! The CanGrow AlfaMax fluid program for alfalfa can help boost your bottom line!

Scientifically proven

CanGrow AlfaMax’s scientifically proven formula has been shown to maximize milk production and lower costs per litre:

  • Increase fibre digestibility up to 17%
  • Lower milk production cost per litre
  • Increase silage tonnes per acre


  • Can be applied to stubble immediately after cutting.
  • Can applied with herbicides or insecticides.


  • Stronger roots and crown.
  • Activation of dormant buds.
  • Increased number of stems per crown.
  • Builds the plants root and immune systems.
  • More side branches and trifoliate leaves.
  • Earlier maturity.
  • Improved fibre digestibility.
  • Extended stand longevity.

Crop Solutions

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Realize the advantage of lower production costs per litre and maximize your milk production with AlfaMax.

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AlfaMax program is best when used continually, to consistently build the plants’ root and immune systems and the vegetation growth.