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BioLiNE Emerald

With flexible application options to fit your farm, it can be used as a seed treatment, in-furrow, side-dressed, with drip or fertigation, and as a foliar spray. Nourishing crops through the various critical stages of growth, applying BioLiNE ® Emerald through the season ensures your crops get the nutrients they need and can defend against abiotic stresses at key phases of development.

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Magnesium is the key element in chlorophyll and plays a vital role in photosynthesis. It also aids in the utilization and mobility of phosphorus and iron. Magnesium activates many enzymes that stimulate growth at the cellular level, allowing the plant to express its full genetic potential. Chloride helps move magnesium into the plant membranes and improves utilization of water.
Chlorides are also proven to suppress many types of fungus.


A diverse team of beneficial microorganisms present in high concentration levels, ReSTore and ReNew are a natural way to promote the fundamental relationship between the soil and plant. The microbes that make up these robust teams are non-genetically modified, non-pathogenic, and 100% naturally occurring. The teams of bacteria and fungi help ensure the soil and plant can efficiently work together to maximize growth and productivity.

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MeltDown O

Crop residue. Stubble. Waste. The leftovers from last season’s harvest could be considered a real nuisance. From increased fertilizer use to tire damage and fuel consumption, undigested residue is a physical tie-up of your fertilizer investment dollars. But there is another way. MeltDown O Biological Stubble Digester is a broadcast application utilizing high concentrations of more than two dozen naturally occurring, viable, non-genetically modified beneficial microbe strains.

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SeaBurst can be applied to the foliage, or soil or as a nutrient solution by drip irrigation. SeaBurst improves root development, blooming and fruit set, stress resistance, and crop quality and profitability.

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Environoc 301

A unique waste management product that combines over 25 strains of fresh, natural microbes selected for their capability to degrade organic waste. Add to liquid/dry manure or compost to reduce order, allow easier pumping & handling, plus increase the nutrient value of your amendment.