Proven Programs

Following are examples of a few of our proven programs, by application type. All programs are designed to take into account your management style and field conditions.

Contact your local representative today for a specific science-based solution to add value to your operation.

Which Application Type Do You Use?

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BioLiNE® fulvic acid products have a proven track record of outstanding and consistent performance with over 2.5 million acres of on-farm application. BioLiNE ®  technology is essential to supporting crops’ natural defenses, helping them achieve their innate genetic yield potential.

BioLiNE® products are versatile and may be applied at any time through the crop season. Applications include but are not limited to seed treatments, in-furrow and starter fertilizers, all types of irrigation systems, soil drenches and foliar. They can be used for all types of crops including: field-grown, nursery propagated plants in containers, and hydroponic greenhouses.

What Does Fulvic Acid Do?

BioLiNE® fulvic acids improve crops by:

  • Aiding rapid and even emergence of crops
  • Nourishing crops through improved nutrient use efficiency
  • Improving water use efficiency of crops
  • Invigorating the diversity and population of beneficial microbes
  • Increasing crops’ own natural defenses against stress
  • Armoring crops’ ability to adapt to environmental changes
  • Helping crops reach their innate genetic yield potential

BioLiNE® products consistently deliver results by:

  • Donating and accepting electrolytes helping to maintain electrochemical balance at a cellular level, inside crops
  • Enabling massive transport of nutrients through the soil solution, to the roots and into plant cells through Dynamic Nutrient Exchange™
  • Improving cell permeability of nutrients across plasma membranes

BioLiNE ® Gold

A superior fulvic acid product with unparalleled performance and potency. It is a naturally occurring organic acid with numerous benefits to crop and soil health. BioLiNE ® Gold is a highly purified, concentrated fulvic acid derived using no harsh chemicals and purified through a proprietary Fulv-IQ™ Process.

BioLiNE ® Emerald

A certified input for organic farming, designed to work in concert with other organic nutritional programs. Nourishing crops through the various stages of growth, application of BioLiNE ® Emerald ensures that crops get superior nourishment at key phases of development.

For more information on products and programs, visit the BioLiNE® website.

Learn More

CanGrow has been researching and evaluating biological microorganisms for several years. Our current offerings help provide growers solutions to address both crop production (microbial nutrient releasers and biostimulants) as well as residue management (microbial biodegraders). Reach out to your CanGrow rep to discuss the solution that is right for you and your farm.

Microbial Biostimulants

  • Microbial Team with multiple capabilities to supply N, P, Zn, K, Fe and other essential components to growing plants
  • Improves nutrient release and efficiency through microbial activity
  • Optimizes the rhizosphere for increases in plant vigour, health and overall yield potential

Microbial Biodegraders

  • Help break down complex polymers such as cellulose, lignin, and chitin
  • Releases tied up nutrients in crop residue back to the next crop
  • Allows for better seed to soil contact and planting conditions, less wear and tear on equipment

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A valuable farmer network

At CanGrow, our primary focus is you, our customer. We work closely with each farmer in our valuable farmer network, discussing current trends and ideas and most importantly learning from your experience and knowledge on your own farm. This is the secret to building a successful program for your farm that adds value to your crop.  As farmers ourselves, we recognize that our grower relationships are a valuable resource in helping us continue to design industry-leading crop solutions and products.