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Super Sta-Dry is a drying agent used in seed potato treatment applications, as well as a growth promoter for a healthier potato crop.

Natural first aid treatment for dry cut seed potatoes

Choose the seed treatment that is most suitable to your soil conditions to control disease, insects and weeds. Super Sta-Dry is a natural “first aid” treatment for dry cut seed potatoes, with proven results over 30 years.

Seed Potato Treatment Program

Why incorporate Super Sta-Dry into your seed potato treatment program?

  • Super Sta-Dry is safe, non-toxic and does not become airborne during application.
  • Source of calcium enhanced with amino acids and enzymes for early seed piece growth.
  • Formulated with PercPlus and Seed Coat.
  • Excellent drying agent to add to your existing fungicide treatment.
  • Economical based on research results by Ag Canada in PEI.

We have used Super Sta-Dry for a number of years. It is a reliable and inexpensive way of drying cut seed. We pre-cut all our seed using Super Sta-Dry and have benefited from excellent product performance.

Jeremy Wind Windiana Farms Taber, Alberta

Tip: Nutrients in fluid fertilizers are 100% available.

Crop Solutions

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Trust the seed potato treatment that has been proven over 30 years. Find your local Representative – and join the growing list of CanGrow success stories.