DairyMax for Alfalfa or Silage Corn

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DairyMax for alfalfa or silage corn is a fluid fertilizer program designed to help dairy producers increase milk production per acre. The DairyMax program improves plant health, vigour, tonnage and fibre digestibility – resulting in higher profits per litre.

Scientifically Proven

DairyMax’s scientifically proven formula will maximize milk production and lower your costs per litre by:

  • Increasing milk production up to 20% per tonne of forage
  • Increasing fibre digestibility up to 17% for alfalfa and 14% for corn
  • Lowering milk production cost per litre
  • Increasing silage tonnes per acre

Maximize Your Crop

See specific features, benefits and results of our trials for alfalfa or silage corn

Want to learn more about how lower production costs per litre and maximize your milk production with DairyMax? Find your local Rep to discuss a program designed to meet your needs.