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NitroK Mag is our premier side-dress nutrient program. It contains the amine form of nitrogen, potassium and magnesium as well as critical micronutrients and bio stimulants.

The power of side-dressing plants

NitroK Mag uses a unique fluid mix to increase plant efficiency, starting with amine N, the form of Nitrogen that is most easily taken up and requires no conversion within the plant. Potassium (K) is then included in the side-dress band for maximum availability and to rapidly increase uptake at the time of the side-dress. Combining those with Magnesium, one of the nutrients plants use to move sugars into the kernels, ensures efficient sugar movement.

NitroK Mag formulations also add the benefit of:

  • Perc Plus to increase plant metabolism and nutrient use efficiency
  • Thrust to increased uptake and impact of all nutrients in the solution and stabilize the N
  • Bio-Forge to relieve and prevent stress in critical growth stages prior to pollination
  • Zinc to increase zinc levels in the plant
  • Manganese to deal with glyphosate issues
  • Boron to increase kernel set and retention

Crop Solutions

 View an example of a CanGrow fluid program for corn or wheat crops.

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