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PowerStart combines nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and sulfur, then adds Bio-Forge, PercPlus and critical micronutrients zinc, manganese and copper. Use the PowerStart fluid solutions in furrow or as a side band at planting for wheat or corn.

Control plant stress with PowerStart liquid fertilizers

Weather extremes and unpredictable planting conditions cause plant stress. Controlling that stress is the key to maximizing the potential of every seed. PowerStart fluid programs are neutral, low pH forming solutions developed to promote early plant and root growth. A combination of micronutrients, amino acids and enzymes ramp up plant metabolism for controlled root development and increased seedling vigour.   This sets  the stage for higher yield and more profits per acre.

Strong Plant Development

Built to support strong plant development by:

  • Providing critical micronutrients for early plant growth
  • Using Amine chemistry to improve early root growth
  • Maintaining hormonal balance in young plants
  • Using Specific amino acids and enzymes to speed plant metabolism, resulting in controlled root development and increased seedling vigor
  • Using Phosphorylase to improve plant utilization of phosphate
Tip: Micros are used by plans in small amounts and often not easy for plants to access from the soil


Crop Solutions

View an example of a CanGrow fluid program for corn or wheat.

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