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DeltAg Seed Coat is a talc and graphite-based hopper box seed treatment for all crops. Its micronutrient vitamin-amino acid complex gives the seed a boost to get plants out of the ground and improve stand uniformity.

Enhance Bacterial Activity in the Root Zone

Seed Coat is formulated to enhance bacterial activity in the root zone near the seed and to feed the newly emerging roots. This promotes development of mycorrhizae as well as beneficial bacteria to help the plant extract nutrients from the soil.



Seed Coat is designed to increase the number of micro-flora in the rhizosphere, including mycorrhizae as well as nitrogen fixing bacteria for legumes, and others that are present and necessary for healthy plant growth.

Seed Coat doesn’t replace inoculant; it enhances inoculant performance.


Seed Coat Trials

Control Average Seed Coat Average Change Plants/Acre
Cecil County, MD (14 Locations)
26.2 28.6 +2,400
Lancaster County, PA (14 Locations)
31.1 33.2 +2,100
Madison County, OH (16 Locations)
28.4 29.1 +700
Corn plants in 1/1000th of an acre