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UpStart can be applied as a hiller amendment to provide additional nutrient placement, increase soil biological activity and improve soil structure in potato crops.

For better root enhancement and crop disease resistance

UpStart provides calcium to the root at early stages to prevent diseases and enable better development of the plant root. UpStart includes the controlled release of amine nitrogen to encourage root growth, instead of the vegetative growth found when other N sources are used. It improves uptake of phosphorous and cations – potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc – and is 400 times more soluble than gypsum.


Unique formulation to support strong plant development by:

  • Providing critical micronutrients for early plant growth
  • Using Amine chemistry to improve early root growth
  • Maintaining hormonal balance in young plants
  • Providing specific amino acids and enzymes to speed plant metabolism, resulting in controlled root development and increased seedling vigor

Choose UpStart for higher yeild.

Tip: Fluid fertilizers can be appleid at all stages


Crop Solutions

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Choose UpStart for better root enhancement. with UpStart. Find your local Representative – and join the growing list of CanGrow success stories.