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Improve quality and increase yields.

Our potato nutrient solution offers a unique formulation, giving growers a custom advantage to address their specific needs and help optimize yields. This proven and comprehensive program provides a complete nutrient solutionthat promotes not only high yielding, but superior quality potato crops. Specifically developed for Alberta Potato fields, our Pivot Power formulation is designed to control plant growth, displace sodium and maintain hormonal balance in the tuber zone. It is also 100% water soluble to help remedy sodic soils.

A complete potato nutrient solution

Applying Pivot Power up to 3 times per season will improve tuber quality and resilience by:

    • Conditioning the tuber zone soil structure
    • Promoting increased water penetration
    • Increasing calcium tissue levels
    • Encouraging potassium uptake
    • Maintaining energy transfer to help stop physiological disorders in the tuber
    • Improving soil biological activity

Growth Program

Need a better picture? View our example growth program for potatoes.

Realize the advantage of a complete nutrient solution for potatoes. Find your local Rep – and join the growing list of CanGrow success stories.

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